How Are Dedicated Servers Better

How Are Dedicated Servers Better

Unlike cloud servers, you can use a dedicated server for just about anything, ranging from web hosting and eCommerce, to virtual private networks (VPNs), to email servers. 

Here at Private Cloud Co – cloud hosting solutions provide options to scale web server resources, which rivals hardware for a dedicated server used by higher-traffic websites, for a similar price. 

Instead of upgrading from shared hosting accounts to dedicated servers with greater hardware resource allocation, business owners can now opt for cloud hosting plans that scale up automatically to provision more CPU cores, RAM, or database instances based on the demand from the web traffic.

In addition, businesses can deploy cloud hosting services on the public web, but still operate high-availability services using top-of-the-line dedicated servers.

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Unlike shared hosting, you are not limited by applications, CPU, RAM, software, OS, and more, either, so you can scale up or down as needed, and maintain control of the presentation of your website. With a dedicated host, you can change the resources whenever needed, and never be at the mercy of running out when the needs of your website grow.

If your site requires lots of server resources, and if your team is capable of effectively managing the specialized hosting configuration, then opt for a dedicated web hosting. 

Choosing dedicated servers for web hosting will mean that you will have complete control of your servers, and nobody will be able to get into your resources, which will also help in strengthening your companys security.

As the needs of your host would change with time, the dedicated server provides greater flexibility which makes it a perfect choice for the businesses who wish to grow with time. Hosting a dedicated game server gives you more control, and provides a lot of options other server setups do not.

If you are hosting multiplayer games, are a game developer, or are running a data center, a dedicated server is the key to providing a high-performance, low-latency game experience to your players or clients. 

Dedicated game servers are a massive benefit on so many levels, but cost can be a concern if you are taking the load on your own. Additional costs for dedicated hosting may come into play if there is a serious issue with a server, which requires a web host to fix.

If another site hosted on the server is driving lots of traffic, this could reduce your sites speed. Hundreds, if not thousands, of websites may be hosted on the same server, creating advantages and disadvantages. Dedicated Hosting means your site is hosted on a single server dedicated to your site only.

Dedicated hosting is extremely safe, from the physical security measures implemented in data centers, to the advanced security software installed on servers. Dedicated hosting servers are very responsive, with great performance and responsiveness. Dedicated hosting allows for a lot of customisation, giving you the opportunity to tune the settings of the server.

Dedicated hosting is best suited for businesses that have very large bandwidth requirements and very specific needs. A dedicated hosting provider will provide complete server management and complete control rights for one customer only.

Most of the dedicated hosting companies offer managed plans, which you can obtain if you need some kind of server maintenance and keep your servers protected throughout your duration of the service. 

There are numerous options, not just among server companies themselves, but the types of hosts that you will want. Depending on your business needs, you may be able to utilize any of these options, but if you are one who is looking for a little bit more control and power, a dedicated web hosting solution is something you should look into.

Bluehost offers three options to handle, including no-management and two types of managed servers. It offers several types of plans, from the base shared servers up to the dedicated options. Liquid Web provides six different levels of managed, dedicated servers, each named for the type of CPU powering it.

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