Contributor October 3, 2022

Unlike cloud servers, you can use a dedicated server for just about anything, ranging from web hosting and eCommerce, to virtual private networks (VPNs), to email servers.  Here at Private Cloud Co – cloud hosting solutions provide options to scale web server resources, which rivals hardware for a dedicated server used by higher-traffic websites, for a similar […]

Contributor November 23, 2020

The technology industry is prone to a situation where one dominates and the winner takes all, but its dominance cycle and position are also vulnerable to subversion by new technologies and new models, and stock prices are naturally volatile. The stocks of technology companies may seem “too expensive” or “too volatile,” but they are always […]

Contributor June 26, 2018

It is an unfortunate fact that resorts and hotels are often behind the curve when it comes to embracing the most recent technology. This is reasonable and logical, as hotel operators are first and foremost focused on the personable side of the company: caring for guests. In the end, it is known as the hospitality […]

Contributor June 11, 2018

A great deal of artists that I talk with are unsure about whether their graphics are secure online, and frankly, it is a legitimate concern. Social media and online platforms have created great communities for artwork sharing and selling, however, this poses security concerns and your work could be copied or infringed. You wouldn’t want […]

Contributor May 25, 2018

Instability and risk are still what scares many investors of cryptocurrency. New scams crop up, and old ones resurge. These are real threats, not just abstract, theoretical, or made-up to create media frenzy. The threats are something you have to watch out for as they could come in any form – a fake wallet set […]

Contributor May 14, 2018

On Monday, HEI Hotels & Resorts became the latest hospitality firm to become preyed upon by hackers. However, based on Stu Sjouwerman, creator and CEO of worker training and safety firm KnowBe4, resorts need to know about the hazards of credit theft in today’s online environment, even though they still have quite a way to […]

Contributor April 23, 2018

No matter the size of your business, whether it be large or small, there comes a time where you will be simultaneously juggling several tasks, projects, programs and individuals. Implementing a solution that may help your business and your employees stay organized while running and planning jobs, in a means that’s accurate, guaranteed, and rewarding […]

Contributor April 23, 2018

Several malicious bots and hackers often target WordPress sites because most owners are usually slack when it comes to security. Although WordPress is secure, it can still be compromised. Most business owners don’t realize the importance of security until it’s too late. Being prepared can reduce the possibility of your website getting hacked and keeps […]

Contributor April 17, 2018

Cybercriminals are specialists at finding and exploiting website security flaws. Compromising your site signifies gaining entrance to your website in order to get to your small business network and information, or perhaps taking your company offline entirely so that your clients can not access your own services. It’s possible to deter attacks by ensuring fundamental […]

Contributor January 15, 2018

Cybersecurity is the most essential e-commerce characteristics. Without the correct protocols, online shop owners place their clients in danger for payment fraud. Even small shops that appeal to a niche audience such as those hiring slab scissors, can find themselves in increased danger if they leave gaps in their internet safety. In reality, smaller shops […]

Contributor November 13, 2017

As technology continues to etch itself into nearly all aspects of our daily life, the threat of being hacked – whether that be your personal information or your company’s data – becomes more real. In fact, some major companies such as Apple and Google, offer large cash rewards to hackers who can identify security vulnerabilities […]

Contributor November 10, 2017

Think fast: When is the last time that somebody you do not understand had physical access to your business’s construction? And before you say “never!” –require a moment to reconsider. Based upon the dimensions of your organization, odds are high that you have experienced maintenance and repair employees, friends of your workers, as well as […]

Contributor October 20, 2017

Security weak points in “smart house” gadgets and smart home automation such as light bulbs, power switches and web cams inside and on gates are putting customers at risk of cyber attack and break-ins, scientists caution. Tests on popular internet-connected items suggest that many have loopholes that hackers might possibly make use of snooping individual […]

Contributor October 20, 2017

Establishing an e-commerce website is simple nowadays. Maintaining your website to make it safe from fraud, hacking and copycats, is not too much. As small business owners understand all too well, one key violation or too many charge backs or somebody stealing your business name or copying your merchandise could signify the end of your […]

Contributor October 18, 2017

While there are many concerns about online security which will always be present; rest assured that brokers themselves have a very, very substantial stake in making you feel comfortable about the level of security being used. All online broker websites have had some of their site dedicated to describing the steps they employ to safeguard […]

Contributor October 13, 2017

Cloud management systems have been an important tool to use this decade, and the area of technology for obvious reasons. As it allows data storage and management, it also aids in accessing information anytime, anywhere on the web. While cloud computing comes with a lot of benefits, however, if the question of security arises, we […]

Contributor September 4, 2017

ICANN, the Internet oversight body has postponed their plans to change the cryptographic key which safeguards the global Domain Name System (DNS).It claims that some infrastructure operators just are not ready for the change. To change the key, it involves generating a new cryptographic key pair as well as distributing the new public component to […]